Dynamometer instrumentation kit

YourDyno is a dynamometer instrumentation kit that includes all you need for dyno data acquisition and brake control:


  • Data acquisition electronics box with USB interface
  • Supports inertia dynos, roller based dynos with 1 brake or 2 brakes (4WD or dual brake on one axel), and hub dynos with 2 brakes (2WD)
  • A setup with 2 boxes supports 4WD hub dynos (4 brakes, 4 load cells and 4 RPM sensors). 
  • All brake outputs use individual brake controllers (i.e. supports setups with different brakes and different load on front and rear axel)
  • 1 k-type thermocouple input (for engine or exhaust temperature). Can add up to 8 more thermocouples using the CAN Tool plugin
  • 3 analog (0V-5V) inputs, for example for Lambda sensors, MAP, boost, etc. Can add more analog channels using the VM167 plugin
  • 2 RPM inputs
  • 2 Brake control outputs, each supporting either Pulse width modulation (PWM) and analog  (0-5V) signals. 1 output supporting Stepper motor
  • Self powered from the USB cable, no external power supply
  • Supports any analog load cell for brake/absorption dynos. Specify max load when ordering or use your own load cell(s)
  • YourDyno sells a hall-effect sensor for easy RPM measurements with 3.5m shielded cable. Any digital 0-5V sensor can be used (also encoders). VR sensors are not directly supported, but can be used with an interface board such that it provides a 0-5V digital signal. 
  • Horsepower correction factor using to SAE J1349 (based on temperature, ambient pressure and humidity from manual entry or from environmental sensors (included)
  • Support for OBD2 adapters (bluetooth or USB) in the ELM327 series. Here is a recommended OBD2 adapter: OBDLink® LX
  • Support for USB CAN bus adapters to read CAN sensors and ECU data. Here is a recommended CAN bus adapter: Canalyst-ii
  • Support for KMTronic external relays, controlled by buttons or by data channels being over or under a threshold. Use this to for example automatically turn on a fan. 
  • Easy to use FREE PC software with setup wizards and calibration options
  • Software supports a plugin system that enables endless opportunities for integrating other sensors. See our plugin library

A number of Dyno manufacturers run YourDyno, among them dynoKRAFT. In addition hundreds of dynos get their dynamometer instrumentation kit upgraded to YourDyno every year. Take a look the YourDyno reference page and at our YouTube channel, or check out these videos to see YourDyno in action:

Water brake running YourDyno
Water brake running YourDyno with stepper motor control of the water valve
Hub dyno running YourDyno
4WD hub dyno running YourDyno controllers and power supplies
Roller dyno running YourDyno
Roller dyno, Bosch FLA203 upgraded to YourDyno

Free software

Screenshots from the software below.


Check our Download page for software, firmware, drivers and an example data file.


  • YourDyno instrumentation kit: $800 for inertia version and $1200 for brake version
  • Environmental sensors option is included and lets you compensate for environmental conditions
  • Eddy current power supply: $550
  • Water brake valve: <coming soon!>
  • Load cell (choose your size): $100
  • RPM sensor with cable: $75

You can choose to pay in USD, EUR or NOK. Prices are locked to USD, NOK and EUR prices vary with the exchange rate.

The complete dynamometer instrumentation kit including load cells and RPM sensors is normally in stock and will be shipped within a few days.


or ask your questions in our Q&A forum or in a mail to jostein@yourdyno.com



Selecting the right load cell

Calculate the right load cell size here:




  • Very accurate 16 bit AD converter (65536 different measurement levels)
  • Fast data acquisition (>100Hz) on all channels
  • RPM resolution: 42 nano second
  • Supports any load cell (specify 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 or 2000 kg at checkout or use your own)
  • Controls up to two independent brakes using either:
    • YourDyno Eddy Current Power Supply
    • Analog voltage control (0-5V),
    • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Can control 1 brake using:
    • Stepper motor
  • Connector for K-type thermocouple for exhaust or engine temperature logging. To log temperature, buy a suitable isolated thermocouple for example on eBay (search for EGT K-Type thermocouple)
  • 3 Auxiliary sensor inputs (0V-5V analog interface). See instructions on how to connect aux sensors here. Aux inputs can be used for for example Lambda monitoring, boost, temperature, etc.
  • Environmental sensors for automatic horsepower correction based on standard correction factors (SAE J1389, DIN 70020, ISO1585, STD J607, etc)
    • Ambient temperature sensor absolute accuracy: 0.5 ºC
    • Humidity sensor absolute accuracy: +/-3% relative humidity
    • Ambient pressure sensor absolute accuracy: +/-1hPa (equivalent to the ambient pressure difference of ca +/-10 meter vertical distance)
  • Support for 2 RPM sensors, 2 brakes and 2 load cells
  • 2 YourDyno boxes can work in tandem to support 4 RPM sensors, 4 brakes and 4 load cells (4WD hub dyno typically)
  • Supports sensor plugins and brake control plugins for expansion of functionality
  • OBD connection and logging
  • Easy calibration

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