YourDyno warranty disclaimer

Here is the simple warranty and liability disclaimer that you need to take into consideration when using the YourDyno system:

All risk of damage and accidents in all aspects is assumed by you as the end user.

YourDyno is a generic dyno acquisition system, made to support many different types and brands of dynos. It is impossible to test all combinations of settings and setups. New software is released regularly, both beta versions and released versions. Although the goal is continuous improvements, you must always make sure the new version works in your setup as intended. Software bugs can be introduced, and hardware errors can also occur.

Safety risks

Dyno systems come with many inherent risks, just search for “Dyno fails” on YouTube to see the most common ones in action. It is your responsibility to understand the applicable safety concerns in your setup, be it electrical shocks, cars coming off the dyno, engine catastrophic failure, etc.

Take safety seriously, always expect that something can happen during a run.

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