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The all new YourDyno Ultimate instrument kit coupled with the new Pro version of our YourDyno software takes you to the next level when upgrading or adding a data acquisition and control system to your dynamometer.


  • 4 Load cell inputs
  • 8 Analog sensors (0-5V). 2 of the analog inputs can be directly coupled to thermistors (water temp sensors etc)
  • 8 K-type Thermocouple inputs
  • 6 digital sensor inputs which can be used as RPM sensors, frequency-based sensors (like flow meters), or digital on/off sensors
  • 1 VR RPM sensor input
  • 1 inductive pickup sensor input (for ignition RPM pickup)
  • 4 outputs (Analog or PWM) or 2 Stepper motor outputs (2 x DIR/PUL)
  • Built in CAN bus support with data in and out (data can be read from CAN sensors or ECUs, and data channels can be sent to CAN devices like ECUs, dashboards, loggers etc)
  • External weather station with 3m cable for use with automatic correction (SAE J1349, DIN70020, etc) for environmental factors (Temperature, humidity and air pressure)
  • All connectors are included and are with screw type terminals
  • Support for all YourDyno plugins including KMTronic relay unit and 3rd party plugins enables almost limitless possibilities
  • 3m USB cable
  • External power supply
  • YourDyno Pro software, which supports all new features of YourDyno Ultimate in addition to YourDyno’s standard features

YourDyno Ultimate has extremely high precision on load cell readings, with 24bit A/D converter with internal sampling rate of 30kHz(!). Other sensors have 16bit resolution.

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