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YourDyno Dynamometer DAQ

YourDyno is a complete Dynamometer DAQ (Data Acquisition) system for all kinds of dynamometers: inertia, eddy brake, water brake and others. It includes electronics, sensors and dyno software to instrument your dyno, whether you have an existing dyno or want to build your own.

A well-established modern, professional, extendable and affordable Dyno control system.

Upgrade your dynamometer DAQ

Dynamometer upgrade kits are available for customers who wish to upgrade their existing eddy brake, water brake or inertia-based dyno. Most dynos are very easy to upgrade, contact us for assistance!

New dynos

YourDyno offers 13″ water brakes capable of up to 2500 HP. Check here for a presentation of the brake, and contact us for details.

We also offer data acquisition kits to dyno manufacturers for professional integration with new dynos. Among our professional customers are German dyno manufacturer dynoKRAFT and Bulgarian Dynatech. We also work with a number of private and smaller dyno manufacturers. With sufficient volume, special software can be offered.


YourDyno supports a number of off the shelf sensors, CAN bus, OBD2 and an open extendable plugin system gives almost limitless opportunities in terms of data channels and brake control to make the system future proof.

Different brake modes have been developed for different dyno types; Eddy brakes are controlled with a PID controller. A special water brake control mode is available, extensively tested on engines with abrupt torque band such as drag bikes and other drag race engines. Hydraulic brakes or other types of mechanical brakes also have a special brake mode.

The same instrument box supports inertia dynos and brake dynos with up to two brakes. 2 boxes in tandem support up to 4 brakes (4WD hub dynos typically), all individually controlled with separate PID controllers.

The dynamometer DAQ includes environmental sensors (temperature, humidity and air pressure) for automatic horsepower correction according to various standards (SAE J1349, DIN70020, ISO 1584, JIS D1001, STD J607, etc).

 Dyno Power Supply  Dynamometer water brake valve

Wonder if YourDyno is right for you? Check out the software and the manuals, post your question on our Q&A forum or send a mail to:

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