High-precision, affordable dyno instrumentation

Greetings tuners!

Are you looking for a modern, professional, extendable and affordable data acquisition system for your dyno? You have come to the right place.

YourDyno is a complete data acquisition system for brake dynos and inertia dynos. It includes all electronics, sensors and free, easy to use software to instrument your your dyno, whether you have an existing dyno or want to build your own. The same instrument box supports inertia dynos and brake dynos up to two brakes. 2 boxes in tandem supports up to 4 brakes (4WD hub dynos typically).

Support for a number of off the shelf sensors, CAN bus, OBD2 and an open extendable plugin system gives almost limitless opportunities in terms of data channels.

YourDyno also supplies Eddy Brake power supplies

YourDyno supports any power, just select the right capacity load cell. The instrumentation kit supports both Brake dynos and Inertia dynos. There are different brake modes made for different dynos; Eddy brakes are controlled with a PID controller. Water brakes can be very tricky to control properly, and a special water brake control mode is available, extensively tested on everything from sluggish marine diesels to drag race engines. Hydraulic brakes also have a special brake mode.

The instrument kit includes environmental sensors (temperature, humidity and air pressure) for automatic horsepower correction according to various standards (SAE J1349, DIN70020, ISO 1584, JIS D1001).

Wonder if YourDyno is right for you? Post your question on our Q&A forum or send a mail to: jostein@yourdyno.com

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