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@madswp backup the options to file, open the file in Notepad or another editor, search for the -15 (it will be brakeSweepRate or something), set it to 15 and save the file. Restore the options file. 

I will make sure this is automatic in the next version. 

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Posted : 12/02/2023 11:07 am
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YourDyno version 3.3.16 was released today. 


  • Support for flow meters based on pulse count. This can be fuel flow, water flow etc. You just enter in the number of pulses per gallon, liter etc, and select the time scale. You use an RPM or Frequency port to connect the flow meter. 
  • RPM/Frequency ports can now be defined as Additional RPM, which can be direct engine RPM, a separate RPM to measure slip, etc. This was possible earlier too via a frequency channel, but easier now as an Additional RPM channel when you just enter number of pulses per revolution
  • Support for different CAN bus baud rates for YourDyno Ultimate. Earlier only 500kBit/s was enabled
  • Support for CW/CCW stepper motors for Standard v5 and Ultimate. This was already supported in Standard v4
  • Predefined Aux channel setups for YourDyno temperature and pressure sensors. Just click Load ramp and select the right sensor
  • A few cleanups here and there

YourDyno Standard v5 and Ultimate users make sure to update the firmware to latest.

Enjoy and let me know of any issues.


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Posted : 17/02/2023 11:28 pm
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Hi guys,

YourDyno version 3.3.17 was released today. Here are the changes. 

  • Support for 4WD hub dynos on YourDyno Ultimate
  • Individual brake ramp-up per brake. Earlier, when more than one brake was used, all brakes would ramp up together until the engine RPM reached the start RPM. Now there is individual ramp control also before the start RPM
  • Better handling of raw data logging. Now the system logs more data to the raw log file before the run actually starts, so that digital filters can be initialized also when running a raw log file
  • Improvements to the Aux channel setup
    • More decimal places in the table for entering the voltage to channel curve
    • Automatic sort of the voltage column
    • Corrected a mistake where the channel name was one off (displayed channel 0 when it channel 1 was edited)
  • Auto Start/Stop can now be done based on speed as an alternative to RPM
  • Fixed an issue where the system would jump from weather station (environmental sensors) to Manual mode. Now it keeps the selection even if the environmental sensor is removed, and automatically connects to it when it is connected back
  • Support for higher speed and higher acceleration on stepper motors/servos

Enjoy! As always let me know of any issues 🙂

Posted : 07/03/2023 3:56 pm
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Hi folks,

YourDyno version 3.3.18 was released today. This is a pure clean-up release:

  • Clicking Restart in the Run window would sometimes not work properly
  • The Time channel was not correctly running (only noticeable in the Results table when Time was set to Master)

An offline version of 3.3.18 is also available in the downloads section (for when you don't have internet on the dyno PC).  





Posted : 15/03/2023 9:45 am
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Hi folks,

YourDyno version 3.3.19 was released today.

This is another pure clean-up release.

  • Now the manual axis settings of all graphs are stored in the settings file. Earlier it was only the main graph window. 
  • All graph settings including visible/not visible graphs, scaling etc are now stored when doing a Backup of options to file
  • In the Run window, when a new gauge is turned on, this gauge is now placed with Bring to Front active. This is useful in the case you don't have auto arrange gauges on, it could then sometimes be partly hidden behind another gauge. Now you easily see it and can move it where you like it
  • Flow meter bug for the Freq1 and Freq2 inputs fixed
  • During runs, the graph axis are auto scaled (unless manual scaling is on). This is a compute heavy process, and could bog down the computer when many runs are visible at the same time as another run is performed. The frequency of the auto scale is now reduced to reduce CPU load. It is anyway recommended to have less than ~5 runs visible while doing a run
  • TargetRPM channel bug fixed (only a graph issue, not a control issue)
  • A few compute speed improvements



Posted : 20/03/2023 12:38 am
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When we slow down I'll try the new version. still running an older version and doing good.

Enjoyed talking with you at the PRI SHOW

Posted : 20/03/2023 2:47 am
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Apologies, but one more release then I will shut up for a while :-). This is for the water brake folks. The stepper motor settings were not saved correctly. Now fixed. 

YourDyno version 3.3.20

Posted : 20/03/2023 5:07 pm
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