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Yourdyno/Sportdevices PWS 3.2 problem

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Hi, I'm having problems with my brake. It feels like it's not working on full power and i'm wondering about the voltages. Without Yourdyno connected to PWS 3.2 i get 5v on pwm output, with Yourdyno connected to PWS 3.2 i only get 4.46 volts @ 100% brake when i test it with the slider. And the PWS 3.2 shows output voltage 147 volts and 15.2 amps @ 100% brake, the brake is a Klam CFK500. 

Can't get the roller to lock when i'm driving car on it or is it even possible with this brake? 


Thanks in advance, Dudde

Topic starter Posted : 01/03/2021 6:41 am
Member Admin

Hi, the control voltage difference from YourDyno should not matter, since it is the pulse width that sets the power. But the PWS 3.2 has analog input too, can you try that? Otherwise, check all settings on the power supply. What is the max voltage set to?

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Posted : 01/03/2021 7:47 am
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Hi, i will check when i get home from work. 

Topic starter Posted : 02/03/2021 5:25 am
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