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UK users, build advice needed  



I'm looking at building a Dyno and would really appreciate a chat with a UK user.


My application is motorcycle based, but general discussion regards using inertia and or brake retarder would be great.


Kind regards Andy

Posted : 13/01/2020 1:34 pm

Doesn't  matter what country you're  in dynos work the same.

I would suggest electric retarder based dyno . This will all depend on $$$$$ budget you have to play with.

Posted : 14/01/2020 9:45 am

Appreciate that dynos are not country dependant..😉

I was keen to talk with UK users simply as its good to have local contacts in the same time zone.

Also it may be an option to see a your Dyno based system in use, possibly even get access to one. Clearly time I would be prepared to pay for but would be great preparation before building one.

I like the idea of a retarder based Dyno, im interested to know more about it being used in a sweep mode as most of my applications are not well suited to static load measurements.

Thanks for your input.....



Posted : 14/01/2020 1:28 pm

Withe retard based dyno you can do sweep mode ( ie  graph run pull ) and steady state dyno pulls at light throttle to wide open throttle for live tuning purposes. 


Way more flexable than a inertial  based  dyno( heavy dead weight) 


Just a specific  questions  you want more clarity  on people will answer in the forum.



But to actaully  physically  see one in action yes Australia is way too far. 


Posted : 14/01/2020 9:45 pm
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