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Superflow 901 dogbone load cell connections.

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Hi, this post is not necessarily related to yourdyno, so I apologize in advance if I violated any rules. I am wondering if anyone knows about connections of the load cells and servo motor that comes with the the Superflow 901 water brake dyno? I am not looking to retrofit my dyno with yourdyno kits, I simply want to be able to control the servo and read the load cell and tachometer without the Superflow computer and console. Any help is appreciated

My load cell is the default dogbone style load cell with 7 pins. Does anyone know what the 7 pins are and how I may be able to connect them? In the wiki page of this website it only explained the 6 pin connection for load cell.

The servo is also the default one that came with the dyno. It has 11 leads which I have never seen before. Does anyone know what the pins are and how I might be able to control it independent of the Superflow computer?

Posted : 03/09/2022 5:07 am
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The Superflow stepper motor is special in that it has a potentiometer feedback. This is 3 wires; Red, Black and White. There should be 4 more for the stepper motor normally. I am not sure which is which, but no harm in trying, there is a limited number of combinations. But unless you use special electronics you will not be able to read the position. 

The dog bone load cell is a regular load cell, Red is +, Black is -, Green is Signal+ and White is Signal-. 

Let us know if you change your mind about a Superflow upgrade kit!


Posted : 03/09/2022 8:19 pm
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@admin I appreciate your answer, it is not really up to me whether we purchase an upgrade kit or not.

What do you mean by special electronics to read the potentiometer feedback? Wouldn't that be a simple voltage change on the signal wire depending on the position?

My dogbone load cell has 7 pins. Would there be 3 unused pins? Even if it is 2+ and 2- pins there is still 1 pin unaccounted for.

Posted : 04/09/2022 12:48 am
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