[Solved] Brake output setup and test out1 & out2  



I have 2 eddy current brakes connected, through LSA-H3P25YB units, but when i do a break test, only Out2 i putting out PWM.

Both brakes are buzzing in output mode, when there a connected to Out2. But not Out1

Break 1
LSA-H3P25YB Com -> YourDyno Out1 0V
LSA-H3P25YB Pwm -> YourDyno Out1 OutA

Break 2
LSA-H3P25YB Com -> YourDyno Out2 0V
LSA-H3P25YB Pwm -> YourDyno Out2 OutA

I also seem to have the same problem with the no show  "Control brakes independently" on some computers. I have 1 that shows and 2 that dont show this checkbox.

I'm not quite sure about the Out1, Out2 and OutA, OutB setup.

Can you please advice. 

Best regard 
Lasse Kofoed

Posted : 26/07/2019 1:39 pm
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You need to use 0V and OutB for PWM. I tested 2 PWMs just now and both outputs work like they should. 

You need to define 2 load cells to enable 2 brakes. You will not see the option Control brakes independently if you only have 1 load cell defined.

I will add some more details in the wiki.

Let me know if you have further problems!

Please report how those Loncont regulators work out. There was another guy who tested a version similar, but the regulator was too slow. There are different versions of them, so let us know! I see it can use a 0-5V analog control signal too.


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Posted : 28/07/2019 11:04 pm

Thank you. Read a post description jumpers, and with google i found this page.

I think that should be in the wiki as well, along with the outB being the primary output.

Break 1
LSA-H3P25YB Com -> YourDyno Out1 0V
LSA-H3P25YB 0-5v -> YourDyno Out1 OutB

Break 2
LSA-H3P25YB Com -> YourDyno Out2 0V
LSA-H3P25YB 0-5v -> YourDyno Out2 OutB

And both outputs are now working as expected.

I will report back about the Loncont when i know more.

Posted : 29/07/2019 4:51 am
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