YourDyno Eddy brake power supply

Eddy brakes require a power supply.

YourDyno has developed a full featured and reliable power supply in a convenient heat sinking box. It is plug and play with the YourDyno instrument kit, and can be used for virtually all Eddy Brake systems.


  • 220 – 240VAC input, 0 – 192V DC output, 30Amp rating
  • Calibrated linearized current control (good for optimum PID regulation)
  • Bluetooth v4.0 (BLE) for settings and status logging
  • Over current and over temperature protection and LED indicators
  • No jumpers
  • Spring loaded high power connectors (rated for 66A), suitable for 4-18 AWG wires. No need to open the box to connect.
  • Box with integrated heat sink, no fan (= does not suck dirty air into the electronics)
  • Internal line and load filters to minimize noise generation
  • Oversized components with respect to current and voltage ratings
  • Very fast and reliable operation
  • Available in the web shop!

See presentation of the power supply.

Installation instructions:

Here are the requirements for installation:

  • The mains system SHALL have an earth leakage circuit breaker. Eddy brakes, in particular old brakes, may have current leakage. The mains’ earth leakage circuit breaker must trip when this is the case
  • ALWAYS connect the brake chassis to earth ground
  • ALWAYS connect the brake power supply to earth ground
  • Always install the brake power supply with a mains switch. Do not leave the system with power on. Software/Windows may crash and the output could inadvertently be turned on. If that happens and mains power is on, the brake will eventually melt and short or could catch fire
  • Wire Range 18~4 AWG, 0.75~16 mm2
  • Strip an appropriate length of the wires (ca 18mm) and ensure no part of the stripped wire is exposed after mounting in the connector
  • If necessary, use a smooth thin screwdriver or similar to pry open the springs for ease of insertion of the wires into the connector (see video)
  • Ensure the power wires are tight. You shall be able to pull on the wires and feel they are really mounted hard in the box
  • The Power supply will get warm in very long runs. The installation location for the power supply must allow for high temperatures
  • Protect the box from condensing moisture and dirty environment, it is not water proof
Connection diagram

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