YourDyno CAN BUS Wide Band Kit




  • 10ms Response Time
  • 1x Programmable Linear voltage output for Lambda/AFR/%Oxygen
  • 1x Programmable simulated narrowband output
  • Compatible with Bosch LSU 4.9, Bosch LSU ADV, and clone LSU 4.9 sensors. The LSU ADV sensor provides a 20x resolution increase over the LSU 4.9.
  • Lambda range of 0.6[Lambda] to 3.4[Lambda], equivalent to 8.82[AFR] to 50[AFR] for gasoline
  • %O2 range of 0%O2 to 21%O2
  • Lean Burn mode for lean burn applications
  • CAN Bus support for the following ECUs; Megasquirt 3, Adaptronic, Link, Haltech, HP Tuners, as well as YourDyno dyno controller are supported. More supported devices coming soon via firmware update
  • CAN Bus output of Lambda or %O2
  • Smart Heatup; RPM Triggered Heating of the oxygen sensor for MS3 ECU over CAN
  • Smart Heatup; Temperature Triggered Heating, Spartan 3 will wait for the Oxygen sensor to be heated to 350C by engine exhaust gas before heating up the sensor
  • Does not require Free Air Calibration but FAC is available. Recommended only for clone LSU 4.9 sensors
  • Compatible with Torque OBD for Android to display AFR
  • Onboard FTDI based serial-USB converter
  • ARM Cortex M4
  • 0.1% tolerance components for all components that affect accuracy
  • 4 layer Printed Circuit Board
  • Separate grounds and power connections for LSU Heater and electronics for improved noise performance and improved voltage protection
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