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YourDyno Power Supply Location

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Hi Team, I'm wiring up my YourDyno system and  have the Eddy current power supply. I would like to put everything into a server cabinet. Do I need to keep the power supply away from the other electronics to stop interference? 

I was hoping to put it all in the server cabinet and just run some heave DC cables to the Eddy brake. Or is it best practice to mount the Eddy power supply to the Dyno frame close to the brake and run the AC cables and control line to the box?

The cable run will be about 3M so it`s either 3M of DC cable or 3M of AC cable, which is best?


Cheers, Mark

Topic starter Posted : 15/04/2022 1:05 am
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No problem to keep both in a cabinet. However, remember that the instrument box has the environmental sensors, so if you use env correction then you should put the instrument in free air. Alternatively you can buy the Dracal PTH200 external env sensor Temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure USB measuring instrument - Dracal Technologies

I prefer putting the power supply in a cabinet rather than in the frame, as it is more protected against water and dust. Avoid running the power carrying cables directly along the signal cables, unless you shield the power cables. 

Cheers, Jostein

Posted : 15/04/2022 1:28 am
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