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RPM pulses = wheel teeth number

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I was thinking about RPM settings, it is suggested to set same number as the teeth, but shouldn't be teeth number +1?

By logic, if yourdyno needs to know how many pulses have to see for a complete revolution... When it sees the same pulses number as wheel number... roller will be not exactly at 360°.

Let me do an extreme comparison: let's imagine with a wheel of 4 teeth, 90° apart each other. We put 4, and after that pulses it calculates one revolution, but clearly the roller has been rotated just 75% of a full rotation or 270°

If we pick a teeth as first pulse, one full rotation would be at wheel number +1

This leads to a little shift in engine RPM calculation at high speed, and consequent shift in power calculation as of course power also involves RPM in calculation.






Posted : 01/05/2021 10:12 am
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No that won't be right. Imagine you just have 1 tooth what to set then...?

Looking at only one revolution it can be tricky to see. But it is easy to see if you imagine say 10 revolutions, how many teeth will have gone by the sensor. Clearly 10 x number of teeth. 

Posted : 02/05/2021 12:50 am
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