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New Dyno Project and Newbie from Finland ;)



Started my own dyno project couple of months ago, we've been chancing information with Jostein by mail already. No doupt I'm choosing Yourdyno-software to my dyno, but still couple problems to solve.

I bought one already started project and people who was aware of things, has past away. So it is hard to get information about hardware what dyno includes.

I was hoping that in this forum, there is people who have dealt with this kind of gear much more than I, and maybe can recognize that brake system. There is big electric brake, including 16 coils, and I have no clue what kind of voltage must be used to make that brake work.

Link to pictures: brake. And other picture in same directory

If someone can help me define this "Eddy", I'll be more than happy.


Topic starter Posted : 05/10/2021 9:38 pm
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