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Eddy Current Brake Manual Control Issues

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I just converted my Dynocom to YourDyno and could not be happier. The YourDyno software is so much more straight forward and much more feature rich. I'm also getting to use the eddy current brake for the first time, as the old Dynocom brake controller never worked quite right.

I've been experimenting with the brake controller in manual mode and it's still allowing some acceleration past the set point. For example, if I set the hold RPM to 1600 and bring the engine to 1600 RPM I can see the brake load increase as I provide more throttle to the vehicle. When I get to WOT it allows the engine to accelerate up to around 2000RPM and no higher, so it's not holding it right at 1600 like it's supposed to.

The vehicle is not super powerful, so it shouldn't just be overcoming the force of the eddy current brake. Any ideas what would cause this?

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Posted : 30/10/2022 11:32 pm
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Is your drum rpm staying the same when you go wide open? If so you have tire slip or tire diameter changing (to low air pressure possibly)

Posted : 31/10/2022 5:15 am
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Do you mean the tacho in the car shows 2000 while YourDyno shows 1600, or are both YourDyno and the car's tacho showing 2000?

YourDyno will contiue to adjust the brake such that the RPM difference is ~0. The only thing that would cause YourDyno to not be able to do that is if the brake is at 100%. 

If the issue is difference in RPM readings from YourDyno to the car, then you have slip or low air pressure makes the tires compress under load, effectively changing the gear ratio (although normally not this much). Increase air pressure in that case.

Explain a bit more and post the csv file if you like more details.


Posted : 31/10/2022 1:47 pm
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