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Dyno Dynamics 450 conversion

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Hi all,
Thought we would share our dyno conversion experience.

The people that have done this conversion are Paul (engine builder) and Myself (sales person with some auto electrical background) so not experts in electronics. 
We started with a 1992 dyno dynamics 450 complete and working.
We purchased a yourdyno, spartan lambda and hall effect sensor and got going.

The original plan was to use the dyno dynamics power supply as was all working. this was not possible as they need power to multiple pins and use a earth to trigger there brake.

So we purchased the sports devices power supply and wired it all in.

In total we spent 3 days wiring and calibrating our dyno and it works better than the $10,000 Factory upgraded dynos we have used and cost us a lot less. The software constantly developing  was the swaying vote on using this system over others we found as most seem to be a pay to play.

The system really was a breeze to wire following information here and on the your dyno site. even with basic electrical background.
Yourdyno where very helpful through out the process. 


Posted : 09/08/2018 4:28 am
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