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Digital I/O?


Hi All,

I'm a new user, currently converting my Dyno Dynamics machine to run on a YourDyno box.

I have a question regarding the 2x Digital I/O terminals on the box.

I can't see anything relating to these in the documentation or in the software.

My retarder has an over temperature switch embedded in it's windings, a digital input would be perfect to make use of this switch.

Does anyone know how to utilise these inputs?


Topic starter Posted : 27/08/2021 10:52 am
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Hi there!

The Digital I/Os are for future expansion. They will be used for extra RPM input and reading of frequency based sensors (and maybe something else).

The digital sensor that you have can still be read by the an Analog AUX channel.

Posted : 28/08/2021 11:14 pm


great, thank you.

I have it set up to connect to one of the AUX channels already, simply switching 5v if it goes high temp. 

When I saw the digital io terminals I hoped I could use one of those rather than 'waste' an analog input 🙂

I'm looking forward to giving my new setup a test run in the coming weeks!


Topic starter Posted : 28/08/2021 11:36 pm
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