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Can not open csv run after saving in Excel



So the issue is the following:

I opened the saved run in Excel and when closing I saved the csv file in Excel.

Now when I try to open it in YourDyno then the answer is the following:

"Error reading file on 2021.04.04_1_0 at line: 8. Input string was not in a correct format."

Where seems to be the error?

Topic starter Posted : 26/05/2021 1:10 pm
Member Admin


Seems like Excel saved the file and added some characters to the file! You may open it in a text editor and compare with another saved run to see what excel did and see if you can remove it. 

Posted : 26/05/2021 7:21 pm

I opened up the csv file, modified it a little bit and after saving it I can not open it anymore.

Excel adds semicolons to the csv file but I can't imagine having to comb through nearly 30k lines to remove the extra semicolons! 😀

I have even used a hex editor to edit the header of the files by copying the original file header in place of to the modified file header.

Topic starter Posted : 31/05/2021 8:08 am
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