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[Plugin] Remote View

Dyno Wizard Moderator

Plugin for providing remote view.
by bmgjet 2019

Webserver that provides remote viewing of dyno screen and gauges,
JPEG YourDyno window capture with selectable compression and refresh rate.
HTML5 Live gauges.

Demo useage video:

[Still in Alpha] Visit last page for latest alpha build.

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Topic starter Posted : 19/01/2019 12:52 pm
Walter liked
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Wow, I would have never thought of that. Cool!!

Posted : 19/01/2019 5:00 pm

Very nice work thank you very much bmgjet!!

Posted : 20/01/2019 12:34 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Alpha 0 release:
Inital Demo, captures screen and creates a image same size as "YourDyno" application.
Creates a simple webserver and serves screen shot to remote devices.
Lots left to still do.

Known Bugs: Lots (all of them)

Topic starter Posted : 20/01/2019 7:38 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Was hoping to have another update out tonight but in the process iv broken the code somewhere in the image compression and it crashes "YourDyno" depending on which connection speed you select.

Topic starter Posted : 22/01/2019 9:03 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Update #A1
Live view works (Will only capture the main graph window, Even when minimised or behind other windows)
DPI and Resulution aware so wont cut window off if using a odd combo.
Backend for gauges all works has a test button since I didnt bring box home with me to test against live data.
Bandwidth requirements with YourDyno in 4K 1mbit for lowest, 13mbit for highest image quality. Smaller window sizes will use less.
Lots of bug fixes

Known bugs:
Webserver wont stop some times with stop button and will require closing YourDyno to stop it.
Cell phones with no hardware acceleration in the web browser will flicker if refresh rate is too high.
Other small bits and exception catches missing.

Demo video.

Topic starter Posted : 25/01/2019 6:43 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Since iv got my dev bluebox and have a way to feed a square wave into RPM ill be able to continue work over the weekend on this and should have the remote gauges working soon.

Topic starter Posted : 31/01/2019 7:05 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Gauges work demo:

Delay is about 200ms with 10mbit bandwidth requirement. (Should be able to get that down to 100ms and 6mbit by optimising the code a bit)
Want to also move code layout around to use compressed DAT core which supports external DAT loading so gauges and language can be customised before next release.

Topic starter Posted : 03/02/2019 5:59 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Update #A2

Switched to my compressed DAT core code layout engine. (76kb size reduction and allows external data input)
Gauges work. (Refresh rate set to 1:100 of screen refresh setting *1000ms screen refresh = 100ms gauage*)
Screen refresh "works". (Still lots of places errors could cause YourDyno to crash)
Pages templates using magicwords (Allows for customising webpage with out breaking functions *think of it as a plugin inside a plugin*)

Network speed of 2mbit
Remote device to have hardware acclerated web browser.

Known Bugs/Warning:
Web engine can crash YourDyno at random.
Web engine has no port checks and can get stuck open on port until YourDyno is closed.

Topic starter Posted : 03/02/2019 8:01 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Demo of upcoming A3:
Switched to Jquery and html5 gauges. This way the page only has to be created once.
Then the Jquery polls just the guages data values. So ends up with a network speed requirement of 0.01mbit which is a hell of a lot better then 2mbit.
Hardware acceleration is no longer required, You just need a browser that supports javascript and html5.
Refresh rate set at 50ms in demo. Could be lowered to 25ms to double speed but thats a bit excessive.

Topic starter Posted : 12/02/2019 6:57 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Update #A2.9

Not quite got everything added that I want for version A3 but its atleast functional compared to A2 at the moment hence the name 2.9

Topic starter Posted : 14/02/2019 7:09 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Update #A3 + Source Code

Wont be doing any more work on this plugin for awhile since im not enjoying coding jquery.
Have provided source code in this version with in rar file.

Still lots of bugs in the webserver part of it where it can crash for no reason taking YourDyno with it.
Or when shutting down YourDyno take 2-3 mins before the web port closes its self.
Sort of stuck with that webserver tho since the internal C# webserver libarary requires you to run as admin.

Functions well enough for my usage which is to watch torque gauge while manually tuning the dizzy advancing timing and finding peak torque spot.

Topic starter Posted : 15/02/2019 7:08 am
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