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No plugin works with current version of yourdyno.  


None of the plugins i used to have before works on my current version of yourdyno software... 
Speed and distanse, get message that i must check for new version etc etc. (yes i tried this)
Relay card. not working at all
UsbCan plugin, which i contributed on making with sending the creator hardware products and we made the thing work with the ecumaster range of products.
plugin seems to work, but no connection can be done at all.
People are asking me for support, on something i have no clue on at all.....

i feel like new shit is coming all the time, and the old is forgotten. dont get me wrong.. i love the way this is going, the program feels more stable and better than ever before, but i would love my plugins to work...
should i toss the whole thing in the bin or what?


best regards 


Posted : 15/09/2020 8:03 pm
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