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Extra feautures / Protections  


After the initial experience I would to ask for some new features.

-- Secondary "Session window" 

This is for showing the gauges for the customers on a secondary monitor.

as example the customers wants to seen analog gauges but I wants to see digital gauges while tune.

-- "Protection Features", (Emergency button/state in the software ?), [this is the most important to me]

like deactivate the brakes by keypress/digital inputs or what I prefer by a plugin. 

also by conditions like if the retarder RPMs differs by xyz RPM. (on HUB dynos).

or by the EGT or O2, etc...

-- and finally allow plugins to add owns controll frames on the session window .(like setup/brake controol/connection monitor)

Thanks 🙂


Posted : 22/07/2019 5:25 pm
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