Will Yourdyno work in my setup?

We get many questions every day about YourDyno and whether it will work in certain applications. Here is the short answer to that question: The answer is yes!

  • Yes, it supports both Inertia dynos and Brake dynos. The same instrument box is used for both, and you can add a brake later to an inertia dyno
  • Yes, it can control your eddy brake, hydraulic brake, water brake, or any brake using a suitable power supply, servo or stepper motor
  • Yes, it can control two brakes independently, either two hubs or two rollers (4WD)
  • 2 YourDyno boxes can control 4 brakes, typically a 4WD hub dyno
  • Yes, you can reuse your old load cell (if it is in good shape)
  • Yes, you can reuse your old eddy current power supply 
  • Yes, you can add more sensors, even support your own special sensors or hardware, see Plugins. Plugins can also be used to control outputs (turn on fan, etc)
  • No, it does not support 4 independent brakes. This may come in the future using two YourDyno boxes, but is not supported today

Browse around in the Wiki and on our web pages for more info. Don’t hesitate to ask on the forum or via mail if you cannot find the answer. 







Last updated byJostein on April 19, 2021

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