There are many hundred YourDyno customers around the world. Everyone from professional dyno manufacturing companies to professional dyno shops to hobby racers. Here you can get a flavor of them!


YourDyno delivers the data acquisition system to dynoKraft dynos. dynoKraft uses a rebranded YourDyno system, and have developed their own plugins and extensions to YourDyno. A deep technical collaboration exists between dynoKRAFT and YourDyno.

JDM Dyno Systems

YourDyno delivers data acquisition to JDM Dyno Systems in the UK.

Dyno Power Rental

These guys in Denmark run an insane dyno with 8 brakes and regularly tests more than 5000 HP on methanol tractors! They run a dual YourDyno setup.

Enjoy their videos and posts here: DYNO Power RENTAL | Facebook

Facebook reviews

For YourDyno reviews, then Facebook groups like DIY Dyno, Dyno Help/Info, etc. are good sources. Here is a discussion with user feedback:

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