Chassis Brake Dyno Kit


A 2WD(4WD) chassis brake dyno kit consists of:

  • YourDyno Standard instrument unit, including weather station – Upgradable to YourDyno Ultimate
  • 1(2) Eddy brake power supplies
  • 1(2) RPM sensors
  • 1(2) RPM trigger wheels
  • 1(2) Load cells

In many cases the Load Cell(s) can be reused if that is preferred.

The brain of the system is the YourDyno software, which communicates with the YourDyno Standard/Ultimate to read sensors and control the brake(s). A number of different brake modes are supported. The system is expandable with more sensor and direct ECU connection through the CAN bus (included in the Ultimate, optional on the Standard). Other peripherals connected to the PC can be read/written through plugins (for example USB relays).

The YourDyno Standard is great value for money, with enough channels for many chassis dyno application, while the Ultimate is our high-end data acquisition unit with higher channel capacity.

The YourDyno data acquisition package offers unbeatable performance and will transform your chassis dyno to an easy to use, expandable setup with exceptional brake control.

Build your kit below, or contact us for discussion on the best solution for your setup. We are happy to help!


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