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YourDyno Power Supply Issues

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Hey, Hoping to get some help with this. I have retrofit a Mustang 1100SE Dyno with single brake to the your dyno hardware and software.


Installation was nice and neat, so much cleaner replacing the old card and tower computer.


I finally was able to try and get it calibrated and tested last weekend but had issues with the brake. I could tell the brake had power and was working by hand but with a truck on the dyno when I tried to brake the dyno it would do something but nothing near what it would take to hold back the stock truck.


I tried running the truck at max speed (160km) as I know brakes need some RPM plus manually sliding the brake in Options, Dyno Set up and calibrate but there was clearly an issue.


I did check grounds, connections and the 220v supply. All is good.


Checking the power coming out of the PS to the Brake Im only getting 36v at full power. The software is set up for 96v and the Brake is a 96v brake 


Checking the OHM on the PU power in I see 4.4 initial ohms dropping to 2.9 quickly and staying there.



Any Idea would could cause this? Faulty PS supply? 


its been sometime, would love to get this dyno running



Posted : 24/02/2024 4:30 pm
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