YourDyno back to back with Dynocom ComputeX  

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Just to say how pleased I am with first test of YourDyno data acquisition box, speed sensor and software.

I decided to buy a back up for my  Dynocom acquisition set up. We had a 36 tooth trigger wheel made as we could not get the YourDyno to interpret the US Digital encoder HB5M-50-313-N-S-D on the Dyncom system.

So far we have only back to back tested the inertia logging for half an hour or so. The DC-5000 rolling road MOI is low at 5.56 but we have been happy with logging and tuning for over 9 years and stunned with repeat-ability of inertia logging. Most of the cars we tune are in a bracket of  50-150 bhp.

I tested my 2001 Jeep XJ Cherokee 2.5 VM TD. After a few practice runs to achieve best steady figures ( we run up until the power reading is highest and steady this can take quite a few runs  but gives us consistent results for tuning) we did a run where we logged on DynocomputeX and YourDyno. simultaneously.

Excellent results and rpms of peak torque and bhp within 50rpm  or so.

DynocomputeX (smoothing 2 closest result) 194 lbs ft and 107 bhp YourDyno 194 lbs ft and 110 bhp. All levels of smoothing on DynocomputeX showed max of  3 lbs ft less and 4 bhp less. Pretty close for me. A big thank you for the kit. Both systems used J1349 cf.

Next step will be to control the pau so we can add load should we so wish.


Posted : 20/07/2019 7:26 am
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Great to hear! 

Posted : 20/07/2019 8:12 am
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