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Telma CC135

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@force26 when I said rewire, I did not mean rewire the coils themselves (unless they are damaged of course). Just how the coils are connected to each other. They should all be in series. 

When you review them, take care because the wires are quite brittle since they are aluminium wires. 

Posted : 12/01/2023 12:51 am
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Other brake has some visible colours. Looks like it has these withe wires parraleling the coils. 

im gonna grasp all my courage and rewire it per the diagram in the previous post 🙂

Posted : 12/01/2023 2:38 pm
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Ok so changing the wires to this situation gives me 12 Ohm and 16 amps at 192v. 

What might be odd is if I use a screwdriver it gets pulled to the rotor every 2 magnets which is odd as the drawing says there should be N S N S pattern but mine feels more like S S N N 


i tried then to change the wires feeding one corner (2 magnets 4 coils) and then the brake doesnt seem happy. The magnetism somehow pull the rotor so far it rubs the pole shoes 

Posted : 12/01/2023 8:11 pm
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I tested the other brake before I rewired it at 96V 28 Amps and it showed the same magnetism pattern so I think all is well. It seems one brake I have which has still the tag on it is a CC135. The other one doesnt have a tag anymore and it looms identical but the airgap is noticeable smaller so I think it is a CC160. 

would it be smart to reduce the airgap on the CC135? The braking feels noticable less when spinning the rolls by hand

Posted : 13/01/2023 2:04 pm
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Upon measuring the airgap I noticed the runout was almost 0.7mm on one rotor. It seems the previous one assembling it got unlucky and some dirt or debris made it between the shims. After removing that and cleaning it will the runout was reduced to under 0.1mm. I removed one shim (0.3mm) per side and the resulting airgap is around 1.3mm now. Day and night difference in braking as comapred to how it was before. 

Posted : 14/01/2023 8:02 pm
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