Max Values below Graph  

100% Newbie

Hi Everyone

I might be asking a silly question but I do have a lack of experience in the software so I apologize in advance

I would like to only display Peak Wheel values in the text results below the graph

It seems(I am not sure) to be showing Flywheel values for some reason as per my attachment

Also I am not sure if it is necessary for the controller to post power run losses if I only want to display wheel values on the graph

Also is it possible by default (without manually changing it) to keep the runs in the same colours
i.e. Run 1  - Light Blue Torque and Dark Blue HP, Run 2  - Light Red Torque and Dark Red HP, etc

Posted : 22/01/2020 1:34 pm

Go to options/horsepower correction and deselect the "enable correction of rolling resistance...". Your max value in the graph will be then the WHP number.

Posted : 22/01/2020 6:10 pm
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