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Maha Wgb70/ LG3900 confirmation and setup

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Hi all. First post, and some added pics. Found this roller set with eddy brake online and can’t be 100% certain if it’s a MAHA wgb70/ lg3900.

If it is in fact a wgb70/lg3900, is this even worth my time? It is being sold as roller and brake assembly ONLY. No electronics whatsoever, no cabinet, etc. it took me hours of internet digging to even cross reference the pics I have with the limited supply that’s online.

IF it is worth my time, what kind of disadvantage would I be at not starting with the cabinet that came with it?

Not worried about the low eddy horsepower right now, I mostly tune small displacement 4cyl engines and classic (1945 or before) v8’s, so nothing big power here.

Link to pictures below:


Thanks in advance all.


Posted : 09/09/2022 5:01 am
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That is a nice looking unit. You don't need a cabinet at all, this was just necessary in the bad old days when the electronics took up a lot of space. Of electronic modules, you just need the YourDyno instrument unit and the Power supply which are two stand alone units you can mount on the wall or wherever. Some people put them in a small cabinet for a clean install but it's up to you.

You configure the software to use 96V for that brake, this is just a setting in the Options. 

Lots of people run old smog machines as dynos. They are a bit limited on max power, but they can do more then the (typical 150HP) rated capacity in an RPM sweep.

Posted : 09/09/2022 10:30 am
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I have come across a very similar unit for sale near me.  I believe it is rated for 150 HP as well.  What would be a reasonable HP level one could expect this machine to support if upgraded with YourDyno instrumentation?


Posted : 24/01/2023 10:13 pm
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Hi,  I just picked up the same roller set and am about to order the controller and power supply.   did you get your setup running?  Thanks



Posted : 03/12/2023 12:22 am
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