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load arm length effect

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I am running a small engine dyno testing engines in the 2-8hp range.   


My current setup is using a 6" load cell arm. 


Would I see more accurate and detailed torque readings from these small engines if I had a much longer load arm?   


What effect does the load arm length have on my results when its length is changed from say 6" to 12" or even 24"?  


Attaching a picture of the current load cell arm setup.



Posted : 11/08/2023 4:52 am
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Generally shorter arm is better because it picks up less vibrations. Apart from that, you the arm impacts the load on the load cell, so choose a combination of arm and load cell such that it just about matches the max torque the brake can produce.

In your setup I would not go shorter, thinking about the stiffness of the wood construction. Shorter arm means the construction needs to be very stiff. I would cut off the excess arm beyond where you connect the load cell.

Posted : 23/08/2023 11:29 am
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