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I have made a plugin where my RaceCapture is reading my MoTeC  PLM via can and transmits it over a bluetooth module to yourdyno. 

So first of all thank you for making cool integrations possible!

Is it possible to change the graphpane setting on a saved run. I set it to graphpane 1 🙁

I have both the raw and saved csv.

Thank you


Br Mads

Posted : 25/06/2019 8:42 pm
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Nice to hear about new plugins! Hope you will share it.

You can set a default GraphPane in then plugin with the OnePlugInDataConnection.graphPane property. Then with YourDyno 3.2.37 which was just released you can move graphs around where you like it. It is saved when you exit YourDyno, it is not saved in the .csv file. But when you read the .csv file the graphs will appear where you last had them.

Posted : 25/06/2019 9:18 pm
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Thank you, the new update sorted it out. It also fixed that it was somehow converted from lambda to afr? But all is good now.. Thank you!


I would like to share, but dont know if anybody use a racecapture for data capture.



Posted : 27/06/2019 7:21 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Share please.

Posted : 27/06/2019 8:22 am
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