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Fuel Flow Bench

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I have a standard YourDyno box that I have had for years and would like to use it to build a fuel flow bench.

This is for testing fuel pumps and fuel systems on Nostalgia Top Fuel & Nostalgia Funny Cars used in drag racing.

A variable speed electric motor turns the fuel pump and I would record pump flow in GPM, fuel pressure and rpm.

The question concerns the fuel flow meter calibration.

RacePak and RPM both use Hoffer brand flowmeters and they have a calibration code engraved into them to correct flow readings.

Will the YourDyno box allow me to make this calibration change?

Attached are links to the flow meter and the frequency box that has a 0-5v output.



Thanks !


Posted : 26/10/2023 6:43 pm
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Fuel flow transducers are no problem read with YourDyno. With the Standard v4 which you have, hook them up to RPM1 or RPM2 and configure the channel as a Flow meter channel, and set the number of pulses per liter or gallon. 

Some flow meters have a weak electrical driver and may need an amplifier board to drive the RPM input. Send me the electrical spec of sensor or just let me know if it does not work. I have the amplifier you need in that case.

You can also use an Aux channel if you have the converter to analog.

Posted : 27/10/2023 9:08 am
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Do you have any discount code for the product?

Posted : 20/11/2023 6:37 pm
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