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Froude DPX1 puzzle

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Hi All,

Looking for some real help here. We have a Froude DPX1 which we have recently installed having bought  some time ago. No info came with it but we were assured it was working. The load 'gates' and operating wheels have been removed and the resultant control rod holes that went through to the 'gates' connected to water hoses but with no idea of where they went to. There are two rod holes, both with water fittings.

As a guess we have connected up the unit as per the Froude manual for water in and out and with the two control rod holes exiting water to a tank. This results in NO load being able to be applied to a running engine so obviously this was not the way it was run last with this modification.

Should we be pumping IN water instead through these holes to generate load instead?

Any one with any experience with these units please advise.

We are scratching our heads on this!!!!!!


Paul N-M

Posted : 26/10/2023 12:12 pm
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Can you post some pictures of the unit?

Posted : 26/10/2023 12:15 pm
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Here you go

Posted : 26/10/2023 1:26 pm
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