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I received my YourDyno hardware box last week and haven't had a chance to hook it up yet, we still need to finish the pit and get the dyno itself installed. But I have been familiarizing myself with it. I see there is a connector labeled "Digital I/O", and in some older pictures I saw this labeled as "Manual control".

I looked through the YourDyno hardware manual and didn't see anything mention about this connector, however I did find in the DynoKraft ADAQbase manual that this connector is for "future functions". 

Is there a time frame for when this connector will be enabled and what "future functions" we can expect? User configurable, I would assume? Hopefully allow for a wired remote. 🙂 As much as I like wireless remote options like the Xenselabs Quick Keys, which I will probably buy, I also like the reliability and ease of wired remotes.

Also on this topic, any plans for a YourDyno branded version of the DynoKraft ADAQexiom? I would love to add another box that easily adds more I/O like this the DynoKraft box would.

Topic starter Posted : 13/11/2021 7:30 pm
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Yes, the Digital I/Os are for future expansion. First plan is to support frequency based sensors, typically fuel flow sensors, plus the option to use this as the engine RPM input (rather than using RPM2). There has not been a big interest yet for this so the timeline is not set, there are a few other software functions in front of it in the queue. 

To add channels you have many options via plugins. The VM167 is an option or you can add a CAN bus capability with a CAN to USB device. Then you can really go crazy and add as many channels as you like with for example this unit: AEM 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module ( and/or other off the shelf CAN bus sensor modules. 


Posted : 13/11/2021 7:49 pm

Oh, I know about the USB devices and plugins, I was just thinking an nice package like DynoKraft offers, but branded as a YourDyno (and similar enclosure) would be a nice simple way to add lots of the functionality (both inputs and outputs). 🙂

Topic starter Posted : 13/11/2021 8:09 pm
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