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Hi, New user here... Will be buying a computer to run your Ultimate system upgrade to an old Superflow 901.  I want to make sure the computer has enough guts to not bog down under heavy loading....I'm thinking maybe a used 6th Gen Intel i5 or i7? With how much RAM? Is it best to add a video board to free up CPU?  What are your recommendations?  Thanks

Posted : 21/03/2023 7:05 am
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An i5 or better is recommended. It has 4 cores, which is the minimum recommended. The CPU is doing lots of things in parallel in real time and they are done on different cores if the CPU has enough. 

6th gen should be fine, at least if it is a desktop. Laptops tend to have a lower max CPU frequency.

In terms of video there is no special need. YourDyno is also not RAM or disk hungry. Good CPU power is much more important for snappy performance. 

I also recommend two monitors so you can keep the graphs on one with live updates as you do the run, and all the gauges on the other. 

Posted : 21/03/2023 2:57 pm
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