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Best way to monitor wheel spin / slip

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Whats the best way to monitor for wheel spin/slip while doing a run live?, since ive noticed some tyres/cars dont make much noise when slip is happening, and wearing headphones for knock detection doesnt help hear it either!

I have an engine tacho sensor, I know I can look at both tachos to look for difference but seems to be the hard way, and you have to look at it continuously for any chance to notice it during a run or tuning.



Posted : 12/02/2024 9:15 pm
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The best way is to read the real engine RPM either via RPM pickup or CAN bus (OBD2 is too slow) and then create a math channel called Slip which is equal to "RPM Pickup" - "Engine RPM" (change the names if needed). Then you can have a gauge showing this slip, and also an alarm if it is outside of a tolerance window. Note that before you are in the correct gear, the Slip channel will be show a large value, so for example you can have the slip alarm when the value is higher than 100 RPM and lower than 1000 RPM for example. 


Posted : 12/02/2024 9:54 pm
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