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After first 3 month with Yourdyno



I use yourdyno with a linked AWD DynoKraft dyno for threee months now.

In general, software and hardware working fine and realy like using it. I work with it on a daily basis.


The following points are where I trip over while using yourdyno:

- environmental correction is not saved in the logs, so when I open an old dyno graph (for comparison sake or to regenerate the chart) it uses current sensor data, which is wrong

- MOI correction is time consuming (a lot of trail and error opening logs and changing settings all the time)

- when closing a run and reopening it, things like brake % are not available/displayed anymore

- User/result database: would be great to have a integrated real database where you can search for car types, customers, analyse typical results etc.

- Environmental correction: EWG correction would be great (most frequently used in Germany)

- smotthing factor: would be great, if you could change it easily and live in the graph view, to review raw data and smooth the curves as low as neccessary

- Relais PlugIn: Would be good, if you could use it in the run window aswell. I control the fans etc. over relais and pws outputs. But the shortcuts don't work in that view

- Brake control: A new mode where you can set a specific brake force (x NM and as a constant or curve) would be good


Maybe some of these things are possible or there are work arounds for it I don't know yet.


Would love to see some of this in the future releases. Keep up the great work!


Topic starter Posted : 13/03/2021 10:48 pm
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Hi there, Tracktoys!

Some good news. A number of your wishes are underway. 

Let me comment one by one:

  • Env correction. Yes you are right, there is a bug there at the moment. There is a work around; disconnect YourDyno and run the log file twice. Then it will use the stored env data. I will fix this one
  • MOI Correction. There is an automatic MOI measurement underway, see attached picture. It is being tested as we speak. It uses two retardations, one with and one without brake, then it calculates the MOI. For dynos with sufficiently large MOI you can use just one retardation, with brake off first then brake goes on halfway into the retardation
  • If you save a run as a csv file then the brake is stored. It is not shown when you do read back the raw file, but that would not make much sense either since there is no feedback (brake % would not affect RPM)
  • EWG correction is very close to ISO 1585 but not exact for turbo diesel engines. I will add it
  • Smoothing factor. Yes, you need to rerun the log file to experiment with smoothing factors. But you should not need to adjust this from car to car
  • Relay plugin. KMTronic is the best relay plugin, where you can turn on and off relays based on values of channels. I agree the turning relays on and off with hotkeys is a good idea
  • There is a new Brake plugin available very soon. With that anyone with a bit of programming skills can make their own brake control, and these plugins can be shared and installed for anyone who wants them. A brake sequencer or any different regulator can be implemented


Posted : 14/03/2021 2:50 pm
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Posted by: @tracktoys


- Relais PlugIn: Would be good, if you could use it in the run window aswell. I control the fans etc. over relais and pws outputs. But the shortcuts don't work in that view


Hi Alex,


I have implemented keystroke-activated relays.

The cheap ebay USB relays can be activated by a simple batch script which can be executed by a hotkey configured using something like WinHotKey or MultMon.  I use mine to turn the fan and and off, and also to energise the brake for 20 seconds in order to drive a car off the rollers.

It runs completely independently of the YourDyno software and works perfectly 🙂


If you need more detail to do this, let me know!





Posted : 15/11/2021 9:00 pm
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