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YourDyno + Tunernerd Knock integration Plugin help

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So, ive known the developer of Tunernerd knock detection some years now. As a user of both Yourdyno and Tunernerd knock, may main peeve is the extra wiring needed to use Tunernerd along with the Dyno.

However, the developer has said he would like to do a plugin where the Tunernerd Knock App would get its RPM, AFR and Boost data from Yourdyno, and send knock data to Yourdyno, meaning any owner of the software can use it with out the actual tunernerd hardware.

PROBLEM: He has no idea on how the plugin systems work and what ways he would integrate/modify the current system, So if anyone has the know how and would like to make this happen let me know, i am sure there are many other users using the same setup.

Posted : 07/10/2022 11:47 pm
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That would be a cool plugin. The plugin system is pretty simple to use, but he would need a YourDyno box to test that it works. Where does this guy live? 

Posted : 09/10/2022 12:07 am
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Hes based in Trinidad, though i would be happy to help, as initially i was going to set up a Virtual com port to mimic the TN hardware and do a plugin to send data to the the Virtual port (The TN app would of course think it is connected to the physical hardware device) but it a long way round for a shortcut, if ayone feels they can help feel free to PM me and i will give his personal email

Posted : 09/10/2022 12:37 am
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Hi friends.


I'm a new Yourdyno user and existing Tunernerd user. I'm also an IT guy in my day life, and I'd be interested in an integration plugin being developed. I can code....sort of......but if someone else could code I'd be happy to help test/dev the plugin.


Worst case I can code it myself, but it will take me a while ás I'm a software team lead, not a software developer, so the code will be ugly.

Posted : 04/01/2024 9:08 am
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I have tuner nerd as well and would be happy to test as well when I have time. Maybe my brother could help with the coding side as well. 

Posted : 11/01/2024 5:50 pm
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Does the new version 4 even have a CAN bus?
I'm interested too. I use 2 Yourdyno (old model) on the engine test bench and on the roller dynamometer
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Posted : 18/01/2024 9:43 am
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