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spartan 3 v2 hooking it up

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just bought a spartan3 v2 have pic how would i hook this up if im using aux1 and it only has three ports and theres like eight wires

Posted : 17/04/2024 5:07 pm
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From the Spartan manual, I would wire the black wire to the Aux1 GND terminal, the green wire to the Aux1 Signal terminal and then red would go to your 12V switched power and white to the ground of that 12v power.  Brown, blue, orange and yellow should not be needed.



Posted : 20/04/2024 3:55 pm
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i did that seems to work but my afr shows 1.68 how do i change the reading my boss says it should read something like 14 or so

Posted : 02/05/2024 5:35 pm
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You need to change the Aux setup. 0V = 10 AFR and 5V = 20 AFR. So you set it like the attached picture. 

Posted : 02/05/2024 7:06 pm
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