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Plugin for creating and controlling a CAN Bus in your workshop.
by bmgjet 2019

Any CAN to USB adapter that creates a COM Port should work.
Main devlopment will be done on a 2 Channel adapter this will be the recommended layout since it will allow for running a stand alone CAN Bus in your workshop as well as hooking into an exsisting CAN Bus with in a car.
[Details to come on recommended adapter since I have 3 different ones coming]

Mode for port will be selectable so single channel adapters can switch between modes.

Mode 1:
Run 2 wires around your workshop that will operate as a CAN Bus.
Plug in CAN nodes (devices) at any point, My plan is to have 2 jacks at rear of car, 2 jacks on the swing arm bench that can move around front of the car.
4 jacks at computer.

The 2 Jacks on swing arm will have EGT CAN and Knock CAN.
1 rear jack will be taken by Link Lamda CAN.
I will be using a 2 channel adapter so that will be channel 1.

Mode 2:
Have a extension cord that will plug in to an exsisting CAN Bus.
It will be used for reading info from that CAN bus as well as send data to it. (RPM,HP,TQ)

Latest build can be found at last post.

Hardware Sponsors:
MjPower [Ecumaster EGT to CAN]
toalan 14point7 [Spartan3]

----- Drivers -----
Have attached drivers for if manual install is needed (No internet or WinXP).
Win7 + should automatically detect device as "Custom USB Device" -> "WinUSB Device" in device manager.
Plugin should automatically install control driver while plugin is open. "ControllCAN.dll" or "ControllCAN64.dll"

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Topic starter Posted : 07/02/2019 6:41 am
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Dyno Wizard Moderator

First piece of the puzzle has arrived.

Topic starter Posted : 22/02/2019 5:39 am

The other one is also on its way  🙂  🙂  🙂 

Posted : 23/02/2019 8:33 pm
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Thank you MjPower.
Got it today.

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Topic starter Posted : 02/03/2019 2:26 am
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Dyno Wizard Moderator

CAN Data stream isolated, Temptures are stored in 2 bytes,
Data is sent over 2 frames, Frame 1 (Sensor 1-4), Frame 2 (Sensor 5-8)

Topic starter Posted : 02/03/2019 6:51 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

So my source for the CAN Lambda node has fallen though after they didnt recieve the free demo product that was going to be given to me.
So Im on the look out for the best value CAN lambda unit now.

From my looking. (Prices in NZD)
Link $500 (LSU 4.9)
LC3 $390 (LSU 4.9 due for release end of march)
LCA80 $366 (LSU 4.9 and 4.2 support, But only 250kbit bus speed so would reduce all nodes to that speed from 500kbits)

AnalougX $150 (4 analoug inputs that youd wire your own widebands analoug output into)
Anduino with CAN shield $24 (16 analoug inputs to wire your own widebands into or any 0-5v sensor.)

Topic starter Posted : 04/03/2019 4:12 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Update: A02
Selectable baud rate 1000kbit or 500kbit.

Next update to feature:
Selectable MSG ID for each node.

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This post was modified 2 years ago by bmgjet
Topic starter Posted : 04/03/2019 6:49 am

Hello again.

how about these products?

Posted : 04/03/2019 8:50 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Says it's not available.

Topic starter Posted : 04/03/2019 9:08 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

CAN Output: Add in your 2 cents.

If no one has any objections or has surgestions here is the CAN layout and formulars Im planning to use, So if your ECU can input CAN data you can read YourDyno data straight in ECU.

YourDyno CAN 1.0

MSGID 1 = 0X419
MSGID 2 = 0X420

Frame template =
Byte[1] | Byte[2] | Byte[3] | Byte[4] | Byte[5] | Byte[6] | Byte[7] | Byte[8]

MSG1 = descriptions

MSG2 = descriptions
AUX1 | AUX2 | AUX3 | Brake1%| Brake2% | AIRTEMP | HUMIDITY | PRESSURE


High byte: (Value >> 8)
Low byte: (Value & 0xff)

AUX1 | AUX2 | AUX3
(scale Value to 0-255)

Brake1%| Brake2%
0 - 100

Round(Value * 10) / 2

Value rounded to whole value

(Value * 10) - 10000
Topic starter Posted : 05/03/2019 7:58 am

Alan To from here. 

I have a new CAN wideband, Spartan 3, which will launch in 2 weeks time.

I would like for Spartan 3 to be supported by the yourdyno controller.

It would be great if I could get my default Spartan 3 CAN protocol supported. Spartan 3 is also capable of emulating the Link ECU CAN wideband protocol, so that is another option. Alternatively, I am more than happy to put in a custom CAN protocol specified by yourdyno. Let me know which option is most palatable. 


Alan To

Posted : 06/03/2019 12:40 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Id prefere to code for each products default protocol so its plug and play for customers.
Nothing worse then people having trouble settings things up.
Is there an up to date manual for the S3 since the one on the website only lists how to setup in Mega Squirt and nothing about the protocol.

Topic starter Posted : 06/03/2019 4:51 am

The product manual is not out yet on the website. This is the current manual for S3,!AvA-O0M2y0mZyAF1byAoKtLlpmaZ

The CAN protocol is on the last page.

S3 has Bluetooth, the user can assign new CANID and enable/disable the onboard CAN resistor using a serial terminal.

Posted : 06/03/2019 4:59 am
Dyno Wizard Moderator

Looks simple enough.
Are you using a MSGID (CANID) per Lambda channel?
Anything going to be going into the other 5 bytes? (back pressure, sensor tempture?)

Topic starter Posted : 06/03/2019 5:28 am

Yes, one CANID per channel.

Default CAN format will remain unchanged.

I may append data to the 3 bytes, if so then that would not be part of the default CAN protocol and would require the user to switch the CAN protocol using a serial terminal.

Posted : 06/03/2019 6:15 am
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