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Rototest 4WD Hub Dyno for sale

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Selling a used Rototest VPA-RX6 3600Nm,2700 hub rpm,330+ kph  plus VPA-R5 2000Nm, 2700 hub rpm,330+ kph.

The basic dyno spec is the following:
1set of VPA-R5 hub units with 2000Nm,2700 hub rpm, 330+kph capability
2x VPA-R hydraulic fans
1set of VPA-RX6 hub units with 3600Nm, 2700 hub rpm,330+ kph capability
1x VPA-RX Hurricane hydraulic fan
1x Rolling Cabinet with dyno computer and controller
1x DATACQ-R21 data aquisition system (8 analog inputs, 1 manifold pressure input, 1 rpm input,8 thermocouple inputs + weather station)

Location Athens/Greece.

Can ship to Europe only.

Ioannis Andrianakis



Posted : 01/06/2024 12:51 pm
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