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[Solved] RPM Sensor Issue


Hey, thanks for all the work on this software and the devices.  We're currently converting an older Mustang MD-500 awd single braked dyno to the yourdyno system.

We have used the Mustang load sensor and the Mustang RPM sensor.  We are using a Yourdyno power supply to control the brake as well.  Everything is wired and working as expected except for brake RPM.  The signal is extremely noisy.  It is a 60 tooth trigger wheel that came with the dyno originally.  Is this too much?  The RPM reading is just erratic and jumps all over the place.  I've tried playing with the noise filtering options without luck.  Any advice?

Topic starter Posted : 19/02/2021 5:05 pm

After using the oscilliscope I have narrowed down the noise issue.  the Mustang RPM sensor is a metal bodied sensor that is tied into the shielding I believe.  Used a different sensor and now we're up and running.

Topic starter Posted : 19/02/2021 6:49 pm
Member Admin

Good to hear! Make sure to use a digital sensor, not a 2 wire VR sensor. 

Posted : 19/02/2021 8:21 pm
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