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innovate lm2- garbage.


I'm exceptionally frustrated all over again. 

I purchased a single wideband LM2 kit around 7 years ago. 

I forgot why I stopped trying to utilise the thing- but rediscovered today. 

I was using the RPM inductive clamp, and the USB connection to display (or attempt to) a tachometer on the screen, along side yourdyno, so I could lock the gear ration by holding at 3k rpm. 

I set the LM2 to the setting required according to the manual for a 4 cylinder, standard ignition. 

RPM was off by a factor of 5. 

I ended up moving to the setting proposed for a 1 cylinder engine- but im still not convinced (for obvious reasons) that its accurate enough. 


I could never get it to provide an RPM reading on my straight six engine either- using the analogue input, nor the inductive clamp kit. 

Innovate killed their forums off long ago as well, basically cutting users off from any support or solutions that users had previously posted. 


Am I the only one thats had issues? 

Also when connected, as soon as it picked up an RPM signal- it would begin to provide so much noise, that the hdmi connection between the laptop and the large monitor overhead were glitching- to the point of no display!

Topic starter Posted : 15/02/2021 10:59 am
Member Admin

I have not used the LM2, I checked the specs. I never noticed that it has a built in RPM meter, interesting. Or maybe not if it does not work 🤣! 

Posted : 15/02/2021 6:51 pm
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