System Requirements

Picking out a computer to drive the data acquisition system (YourDyno’s BlueBox) and software can be something that’s over looked and will effect your experience.

While it will run fine on most Windows computers running Windows 7 or newer its hard to put a minimum spec since the way you use the software will have an impact on what sort of performance you will have.

Even the lowest spec computer below will easily control the brake, show results, and work ok. The difference is when you run very long runs and keep many runs up at the same time, plus it depends on the plugins you run, as some may be CPU intensive. Then you need more memory and CPU power. 

For basic usage:
Run dyno with no lost packets at full speed and show 4 graphs with out slowing down.

Intel i3 @ 2.8ghz
AMD dual core 3ghz
2GB ram

For advance usage:
Same as basic but handle 8 graphs and plugins with out slowing down.

Intel i5 @ 3ghz+
AMD quad core @ 3.5ghz+
4GB ram

For power users usage:
Same as advance but handle more than 10 long runs and multiple plugins with out slowing down.

Intel I7 3.8ghz+
AMD FX 8 core or AMD Ryzen 4 core.
8GB ram+

Something to note with Windows 7 and 8 is that you will have to manually install the drivers. Windows 10 will automatically install them. Windows 10 is recommended.

For downloading of the latest drivers and software they can be found on the downloads page.



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  1. Samuel
    January 3, 2021 @ 5:22 pm

    Hi there. Building a PC for the Dyno, I see 8 core CPU and 4 core is recommended. I wanted to know if the program utilizes more cores well or if I am better of with fewer cores but more powerful ones.

    Thanks a lot


    • admin
      January 3, 2021 @ 5:59 pm

      Powerful cores are more important than many cores. Most of the application is single threaded. Some plugins and gauge handling are running different threads.


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