Is YourDyno right for me?

No doubt this will be the first question in every ones head and of course it should be, Why should you pick YourDyno over the many other products out there. Here are 4 reasons to think about.

#1: YourDyno main motto is “Power to the people!”
What this means is you come first, Our goal is to provide the most feature rich software free of charge and put the power of a good dyno system in your hands.

#2: The software has a open plugin system so any one with C# programing knowlege can make YourDyno do what they want it to do. No other dyno software can make this same claim.

#3: YourDyno has one of the most affordable data acquisition systems,
If you have an existing dyno with inadequate instrumentation or you want to build your own. YourDyno will be your best choice.

#4:  Community driven, You just have to visit the forum to see that there is a strong and positive community behind YourDyno. Many of the features and direction of the software are the result of direct community interaction.

Last updated bybmgjet on January 28, 2019

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