Gear ratio calibration

YourDyno needs to know the gear ratio between the brake and the engine to calculate the engine torque. 

If you know the gear ratio, enter it directly. Otherwise, there are several ways to find the gear ratio:

  1. Use a Tacho
  2. Use an RPM adapter
  3. Use OBD2
  4. Use CAN bus adapter (+ plugin)

In each of the above cases, YourDyno gets the engine RPM information by measurement or directly from you (in the case of Tacho). You need to press the “Lock gear ratio” when running in the same gear you will use in the test at a suitable stable RPM. 


  1. Engine RPM may be updated slower than the roller RPM. So always press the Lock gear ratio when keeping the RPM steady. 
  2. After finding the gear ratio, you may turn off the engine RPM input. Engine RPM will then be calculated from the roller/brake RPM and the gear ratio



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