Bosch FLA 203 conversion

The Bosch FLA203 is a great piece of kit, but the original data acquisition system is very outdated. We converted ours to use YourDyno. 

This was converted before there was a YourDyno power supply available. We have since changed to YourDyno power supply. 

Here you see a video of the process 

Here are the components you need:

  • YourDyno instrument box
  • RPM sensor from YourDyno
  • Trigger wheel
  • The original load cell can be reused
  • The original power supply can be reused

The large data acquisition box can be thrown away and replaced with the small YourDyno box. 

See this doc for info on connections.

The Power supply:

We recommend using the YourDyno power supply for ease of use, plug&play clean install. But it is possible to keep the Bosch power supply if you wish: 

Here is the power supply for the FLA 203. The bottom red circle shows where a 0-10V analog signal controls the power supply. You need to connect this terminal to a 0-10V signal from YourDyno’s brake output 1. Since YourDyno supplies a 0-5V signal, not a 0-10V signal, a converter is needed. You see this in the upper red circle. Here is the schematics:
Make sure to choose a Single supply, Rail-to-Rail OpAmp, that can take 12V input.  YourDyno_0V and FLA_0V are connected to the 0V output of the 12V power supply. Also, the 12V power supply should be isolated. That means the 0V output should not be connected to mains ground, otherwise the whole system gets grounded through this power supply. 
The rest is pretty straight forward and explained in the video. The setup works great!








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