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USB Relay beta 1.0

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Quick diagram
2020-03-17 21:57 #

Is it possible to get a quick wire diagram to use this? Something someone like me who is not dumb, but needs a diagram or manual to know how to work things. I did look up a bunch of you tube videos but I am not seeing what I am looking for.

I understand the basics I believe , but what I don’t understand is how I can use to turn on my 120v (regular house plug type power) fan?

My fan gets plugged into the regular 120v power, but the board is being powered with 12v power.

I am looking to use the board to turn on/off lambda controler, turn on/off vacum pump for lambda sensor (this I understand how to do)

But I also want to use it to turn on/off my fan? (This Wiring part I don’t understand yet)



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